Helping little people & their grown-ups deal with big emotions through Fun & Creative Mindfulness to live a more carefree life

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Welcome to Mpowerme Mindfulness

Fun & Creative mindfulness to help little ones calm their busy minds


About Mpowerme

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention in the moment non judgmentally. Bringing a creative element into it helps reinforce the techniques and helps children learn through play and fun.

Mindfulness techniques can be used at all stages of life to help children create their own toolbox of life skills.

They will learn skills such as, being present in a moment and remaining calm under pressure.

Mindfulness is their very own super power!

A qualified trainer, I teach kids, teens and adults how to live in a moment, manage difficult emotions, and to live in gratitude.

What I offer

Ages 4-7 & 8-12

Kids' Classes

Teaching children creative mindfulness and supporting them to deal with big emotions in a fun way to help them enjoy a more carefree childhood.

Pre-school, Primary & Secondary


4-10 week tailor made fun, interactive and inclusive Mindfulness programmes for kids, plus Mindfulness training for Teachers and staff

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Mindfulness Resources


Visit the shop to view my range of downloadable resources on mindfulness.

New products coming soon!

Some recent feedback


Lorraine, you have a truly wonderful way with the kids, teaching them techniques that have never been more important.

Jennifer, Wicklow
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